March 28, 2008

Next sewing project

Appologies for the not so great picture of the pattern

Silk dupioni

I've had this little number cut out since last summer! I'm not even sure that the size I cut out will even fit me now, since I've lost a few pounds since then. I may have to do a few adjustments on it. I saw this pattern made up by a few people over at pattern review web site, and it looked so pretty. I usually don't like to sew for myself, so this is probably why it is not done yet. Since I finished Caitlin's blouse, I realized that this needed to be completed as well, so here I go.......
If there are no further posts on this top, you will know that 1. it came out so ugly that no one should see it, 2. Didn't fit right and so I gave it away. 3. So ugly and it didn't fit, that I decided to burn it out in the back yard.
Stay tuned.


  1. Elizabeth, you are so brave! You don't fool around with your fabric, do you? No cheap cotton for you-ha, ha. Can't wait to see it and I know it will be beautiful! Be sure to tell your hubby good luck & be careful on his adventure tomorrow. nerm

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    I totally agree with the other comment, you ARE brave! You went from sheer fabric to slippery...that requires changing the needle or feed tension right? Forget it, that would derail me right there! LOL!

  3. Hi Elizabeth,
    I, too, love to sew and I just wanted to share something I just found out. Lately nothing I've sewn has fit! I was getting REALLY disgusted with the pattern companies for such horrible fitting patterns. What I learned is you MUST go by your measurement not the size. For example, pants and skirts need to be your hip measurement because it is the largest measurement. All the rest can be taken in. The reason patterns aren't true to size is because the off the rack clothing sizing has gotten smaller through the years and the pattern companies haven't changed their sizes. Which makes me depressed to have to get such a big size, but better that than to ruin a perfectly good piece of fabric right? I hope this information is helpful and you get a "perfect" fit on your project! I love to see others enjoying making clothes! Best of luck and let me know how it goes!! Blessings, Victoria Lynn