March 7, 2008

Easter is coming

I love everything about Easter. I grew up with the true meaning of Easter, since my mother is from Panama and the Easter bunny does not exist there. Easter morning was always a hurried breakfast followed by going to church. The church that I grew up going to was beautiful and one of the oldest buildings in town. As a child I was so excited to wear my new Easter outfit that my mom usually made for me, and couldn't wait to see what everyone else was wearing, because in my day, everyone dressed up for Easter. It was always such a wonderful site for me to see all the girls wearing their Easter finery. It looked as if the whole church was in bloom with many shades of pastel, and all the little girls look like spring flowers.
I still believe that the religious aspect is top priority and the rest is just for fun,but also celebrates the beauty of spring and the promise of new life. So, I leave you with a few pictures of the coming holiday.


  1. What a great blog you have Elizabeth. Thanks for finding ours and I'm glad I found yours!

    I have fabulous memories of Easter, too. My mom made us all new dresses, and herself. That was 6 dresses!! I always felt like it was a party. It wasn't until I got older that I really appreciated the true meaning. Its a very sweet day. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. Elizabeth, I appreciate what you said about Easter. It is a very holy time but it's also fun esp. if children are around. My mother, too, always made my sister and my dresses. We had gloves & hats. It was a big deal to dress up. Not so much so anymore.
    About your photos & written part of your post, figure out what order your pics should be seen in. Upload them last one first b/c each successive one will be on top.
    Upload all photos, then go to the screen and start typing on the first line like you are typing into the photo. It will move down.
    Type in between photos the same way. To space between them, hit the enter button a time or two. I hope I explained this well enuf for you to follow. good luck nerm