March 3, 2008

Abandoned flower

This poor peony was embroidered, oh about 8 years ago, and I still haven't incorporated it into anything. I thought about a small pillow,then I thought maybe framed. Then I thought perhaps maybe to add it to a handbag? Any ideas out there would be welcomed. It was probably the third or fourth project I ever made,so there are a few mistakes by the leaves. Maybe that is why I abandoned it long ago, it just wasn't up to par.
On another topic, the weekend was glorious in the city! Sunny weather in San Francisco, no fog. We spent both Saturday and Sunday there again, and had a bit of a shopping spree for clothing and a nice dinner out with the whole family. We all desperately needed some new clothes. I for one am not a big clothing shopper, and find it exhausting!! I won't go into the perils of trying on clothing, most ladies know what I'm talking about! I did find a few things however and feel I do have a good start to a new wardrobe. Now, If you tell me to go out and shop for house wears, fabric, etc....then I'm your girl. Our next big splurge is to replace some flat wear and dishes. I can't wait for that.
Hope everyone had a fun weekend.


  1. I found my way here through Amy's Ibbybee Quilts. Oh, my...your work is just exquisite. You must have been embroidering for years. What wonderful pieces you have created.

  2. Elizabeth, your embroidery looks like a photo! My, what detail! How did you learn to embroider like that? I have done lots of cross stitch and crewel embrod., but nothing like yours. Show us more.