February 29, 2008

Gotta love this store

Are there other people out there that have converted to only going to Whole Foods for all their groceries? Now, I know what your thinking. Yeah, it would be nice to go there,but it is so expensive. Some even refer to whole foods as "Whole Pay Check." Unfairly I think, if you really compare the bigger chains out there you would really be surprised. Now that is not to say that you could really run up your food bill there, since they have some pretty wonderful items that you can't find just anywhere. The trick I think is to stick with their brands, which are wonderful by the way, and try not to by very many luxury items. In return you will have a very pleasant experience grocery shopping. I have been shopping at Whole Foods exclusively since I moved back from France. That has been four years now. When and if I ever get caught going to Safeway, it is sure eye opening. Harsh lighting and the awful uniforms the poor checkers must wear, are two of the many things I notice when I walk into the other supermarkets. The checkers look exhausted most of the time, probably from repeating the same greetings over and over. The other thing that is in your face different is, the packaging of the food items. Very eye catching and able to lure in the average shopper into buying packaged over processed food that they shouldn't be buying.
I was in Whole foods the other day and was commenting to my daughter how they didn't have a certain mustard that I wanted, and this lady chimed in by saying in a mean tone, that it probably isn't organic. Then she proceeded to say, that she feels like she always has to go to a "real" store when she leaves Whole Foods. Kind of makes me sad for the average Joe that doesn't know how to buy good food.
The other wonderful thing about Whole Foods is that you rarely have to read the labels on the packaged stuff, because they just don't sell garbage with bad ingredients in them. The quality of the produce is always farmers market tasty as well. Are you sold yet? If you don't have this wonderful store near you, do shop the farmers markets,and for god sakes don't by junk! Fuel yourself with fantastic food. You only have one body and you should feed it the best you can afford.
No, I don't work for Whole Foods by the way :) I just wanted to give this place some much deserved credit for consistently having great food and wonderful employees.


  1. Elizabeth-We have just gotten a Whole Foods about three months ago. I love it--it's almost an outing just to go there and look around. The fresh veggies/fruits are worth the trip alone. Now, my husband is dangerous in there. He doesn't know what moderation is! I agree w/you about buying fresh-esp. now that there is so much question about food safety. preach on Sista! Nerm

  2. Lovely blog - I am SO jealous that you lived in Paris for two years. What a great experience for your girls.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and making me feel like I'm not the only person guilty of bananacide. If you make the banana coffee cake I hope you post the recipe here.

  3. I love Whole Foods. There isn't one where I live or even around where I work. We do have an Earth Fare though. I do shop there quite often. I love the bulk bins and wondering around the produce. I always end up buying more than we can handle before it turns.

  4. my best US friend who's familiar with Europe, does just like you... Whole Foods !
    but just between you and me, I'd kill (no I'm kidding) for peanut butter cups and beef jerky ! I guess you can't have it all as they sy !

  5. I completely agree! It is so baffling to me, here in America families will drive some big expensive vehicle, have a big expensive house, and fill their kitchen with junk. I am American and I am very grateful but I do appreciate the more European way of eating. Food should feed your soul and be part of your life experience! I go to the farmers market in Marin weekly and make frequent visits to Whole Foods.

  6. The average joe en los estados unidos no tiene nada de clase. Además, no son muy culto y eso es el tipo the comentario que puedes esperar.
    Your Bro Tom