February 26, 2008

I miss Paris

Today is one of those I miss Paris days. We lived there for two years (2002-2004) and had the best experience. There are days when I think about my daily routine there and get a bit misty,or I just can't believe sometimes I was ever fortunate to have the chance to live there.
We read all the books to get us prepared to move and to also experience some culture shock,etc...and then we were packed up and shipped over there. We put everything in storage and only shipped a few essentials,mainly because we were promised a company house. Upon arriving we found this not to be true, and had to stay in an apartment in Paris for two months while we looked for housing near my husbands job. The above picture is of the apartment we were lucky enough to live in for those two months. I felt like I was living in a museum at times. This apartment is in the 16th arrondissement. For those of you who know the districts in Paris,this is the most exclusive neighborhood in Paris. To this day I do not know how we were so lucky. We eventually found a new home in the suburbs, in a village called Garches. This was the location of my husbands job and my oldest daughters high school,so we were fortunate that everything was within walking distance. My youngest daughter ended up going to an international school in Paris,in yet another very exclusive neighborhood. The school she attended was filled with students from all over the world with very interesting backgrounds. At one time Demi Moore had her daughters attend this school while filming a movie in France. There were children of diplomats and royalty there as well. My daughter made many wonderful friends and learned a lot.
This post could get way too long as I go down memory lane, but I thought through out my blog I may draw some reference from my life there,so a little back story was in order. Today I remember how the weather in France was at this time of year,seasonal, as oppose to California weather,where it seems like we are almost done with winter here.
I loved how France had all distinct seasons and I really miss that. As the sun shines here today,I see that it is raining in Paris,and I'm sure has it's typical gray sky. Most people,including Parisiens, would think I'm crazy for liking this weather,but I think that you really have to have those gray days to really embrace and appreciate the beautiful days that are to come.


  1. Oh, Elizabeth! What wonderful memories! What a blessing to live there for two years! The pictures are beautiful. Big Tom & were in Paris a few years ago, but just a short time as part of a whole European tour thing. Kitty and her
    husband spent a week of their honeymoon there and Kitty is ready to buy an apartment for vacations!
    Big dreamer. You reminesce anytime you want to, b/c I love hearing about it. Nerm

  2. I miss San Francisco !
    I could just pack all our stuff and move out there !! (with similar standard of living or even a little less...)