February 22, 2008

Happy Friday

I thought I'd share this wonderful recipe with everyone. If it's raining or just plain bad weather,this bundt cake is your ticket to happiness!! I'm just starting to learn about adding links and such,so I will just say that this recipe can be found on:www.epicurious.com under "Mexican chocolate cake." I am always looking for a great chocolate cake recipe and this one has it all. It is moist,dark,and extremely tasty. The glaze is so good, that if you have leftovers,you can easily share it with the family as a side treat. The recipe calls for pecans in the glaze, I used unsalted almonds and it was so good that way. If you use almonds,make sure they are unsalted since the glaze calls for a bit of salt. This might sound a bit odd,but trust me it is wonderful. Sorry the actual picture of the cake is a bit fuzzy. I made this a couple of weeks ago and I have been passing it along to all my friends that like to bake. Also,use the highest quality of chocolate and you just can't go wrong. Happy baking and happy Friday.


  1. I came over from Alicia's blog to see your cake. Yum! But even better is getting to see your embroidery. Whoa..it's gorgeous. I'll definitely be back. And welcome to blogland!

  2. Elizabeth-That cake looks SO-O-O
    good. I will print off the recipe to bake when Lent is over! LOL
    I think your pictures are great-they are clear & demonstrate your baking very well. Nerm