February 20, 2008

Meet Lucie bird

Why do pictures of parakeets look nerdy?? I guess because they are the clowns of the bird world and it shows through in photographs. Anyway, this is our little pet bird Lucie. She has a few tricks up her wing,like copying the tone of the telephone dial when you are making a call,and she says "baby bird." I keep trying to teach her how to say other words,but I hear female birds don't talk as much. She is a cutie though and brings joy and song to the house.
I did have another parakeet that was a male by the name of "Frankie." Now Frankie was a very special little guy and had quite the vocabulary. He said over 50 words and many sentences. He loved to roam the house and play with my daughters when they were younger. He mimicked many sounds and came up with many on his own that had us in stitches laughing. When we moved to France,in 2002, he came with us. He learned how to say Bonjour,but that was the extent of his French. Many people wondered why we brought him all the way to France and back,but if you spent time around this little guy you would understand why. Bringing him to France was a piece of cake,but not bringing him back to the States! It cost me about $400.00. I know you are thinking we are nuts,but truly if you knew this little bird,you would understand. People were always asking about him because they could not believe this little bird had such a big personality. I could go on and on about him, because he really was something. I just thought I would give parakeets their day in the sun and dedicate this post to Lucie and Frankie :)


  1. Lucie's a lovely shade of blue, beautiful. x

  2. She's just beautiful. Some people just can't understand how much a pet becomes a part of the family.

    I had a fish that I had to put down a couple of weeks back, and nobody knew how attached I was to him and how he used to watch tv over my shoulder and always greet me at the glass when I walked into the room.

  3. Hi Elizabeth,

    A pet is a pet, is a pet; doesn't seem to matter the size or whether it has fur, fins or feathers they just add a lot to our lives.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I have many more photos on my computer and have been thinking about starting a new photo blog as I seem to have forgotten my sign in info for my old one. Your plug may be the push over the hump...

  4. Love your budgie! We've had many of these over the years - they're just wonderful, affectionate little clowns!

  5. i loved your comment on our blog about music and your lucie is such a "pretty bird"!

    frankie sounds awesome and probably had more to say than some husbands ;). i love that you took "frankie" to "france".