March 12, 2008

Little bits of Easter in the house

Nothing says Easter like these beautiful flowers

Easter in the living room

Easter in the kitchen

This is a little something I have been working of for a long time and still isn't finished.

Since I love Easter so much, I thought I'd treat you to all the corners of my home that have a touch of the holiday to come. The embroidery piece is from yet another table runner that I started a very long time ago. The other end isn't complete,but almost. I need to transfer other images on to the main part also. So you see, it is a bit too late for this year also.
This evening I'm going to the bouquets to art show in San Francisco. It is an annual event in which florists around the Bay Area create the most spectacular arrangements to interpret one of the pieces of art work in the museum. I'll do a whole post on it if my pictures come out ok.


  1. Elizabeth, your home is lovely. I love the bunny runner which I know you will finish for next year! There's always next year, and as my mother says, if ther isn't, it doesn't matter-ha. I hope your photos of the flowers come out-that sounds so enjoyable. Nerm

  2. I love your easter decor...I have put nothing out...terrible! LOL


  3. I love the Easter decorations on the corners of your house. The embroidery is beautiful.

  4. lucky you !
    they were quite impressive !