March 13, 2008

New project

I will be making the one to the far left

I have been putting off making this blouse for my daughter for quite some time now. I have a bit of an anxiety with the fabric, because of it's sheerness and how much I paid for it. It is a silk organza and was designed by Anna Sui. After having it in my drawer for nearly a year, I don't have too many more excuses as to why I should not just go for it. I have the right needle, a great sewing machine and I have been sewing since I was 15, what is the hang up? I guess it's fear that it will get eaten up in the machine and I would have wasted all my time and money. I decided a couple days ago that I was being silly and I cut the thing out, so today I embark on making this blouse. All of you out there that have sewn any kind of sheer fabric, please wish me luck. When it is complete, I will post a photo of the my daughter in the blouse. Apologies for the not so great photo of the pattern. I'm having a bit of an issue with my camera.

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  1. I love that fabric. It is gorgeous! I can't wait to see how the blouse comes out. I'm sure you will do great and your daughter will love it. I think I may need to talk my mom (Nerm) into making me a new cute blouse.haha.-Kitty