April 13, 2008

A jaunt to my sister's house

Isabella,Caitlin,and Natalia
Matthew a.k.a "Murch"
Cooling off

Saturday we took a trip up to see my sister in Sacramento, to pick up some baby items for a friend and to visit. It is always fun to visit my sister and her family. My sister, I would have to say, is my best friend next to my husband. Even though she is seven plus years younger, we have always been very close. Her children are 12,10, and 4. We always have a bunch of fun when we get together. Saturday, we met for lunch and then wandered around Sacramento, even though it was extremely warm, close to 90 degrees. Luckily, she does have a very nice pool to cool off in. My husbands mother lives about 30 miles, give or take, north from my sister, so he decided to have a little visit of his own. We all later met up for dinner,and headed back to the Bay Area.
In the above picture of Matthew, I also refer to his nick name of Murch. My sister and I always laugh at this since it is such and ugly name for such a cute kid. You are probably wondering why she nick named him this......Well, actually Matthew came up with that word. He use to call chocolate milk "Murch" and regular milk "Milch." He also has other very funny words like: Lanquet,for blanket, and my favorite one is "Langdang" that is his imaginary friend. All three children are very adorable and have great personalities!
This is how we spent part of our weekend...Today it is still warm and we have been doing nothing around the house. Poor Caitlin is illustrating a major project for school,so she is not happy at the moment.
Hope everyone had a restful fun weekend.

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  1. Langdang!? That is so funny. What a name for a imaginary friend! When I was little my imaginary friend's name was Lasa.
    Caitlin looks like a porcelain doll! Only skin like hers could look so cute and hip with her blue nail polish.
    Best wishes with your school project Caitlin!