April 21, 2008

Lazy weekend

Favorite breakfast place in Berkeley
My new spiffy sandals

This past weekend was your average lazy weekend. Saturday usually starts out very slow at Chez Mackey,with several cups of coffee and Caitlin and I,and sometimes David, sitting on the couch watching the VH1 video countdown. I don't know why we torture ourselves with this every Saturday,since many of the videos are not great! It is just one of those things that we do to start the weekend that has become a Saturday morning ritual. After finally peeling ourselves from the couch,mind you poor David has been showered and ready to go since 7:00am, we get ready for the day. We usually head over to Whole Foods for lunch, then decide if we will go to the city or just watch a movie here. That is Saturday in a nutshell.(We did manage to buy all the fabric for Caitlin's dress). Sunday we go to 10:45 mass then out to lunch somewhere fun like yesterday, we went to Saul's in Berkeley. Can't say enough wonderful things about this yummy place. I also managed to snag these very cute sandals after lunch at the Walk Shop across the street. I love the color and they are so comfy. So people, that is a typical lazy weekend here. Hope everyone had a good one.


  1. Those sandals are adorable, just perfect.

  2. Hi Elizabeth! :) I know this is goofy but where you in Target in Walnut Creek looking at magazines with your daughter today around 5:00? I was the girl with the messy red hair in a lavender cardigan and long skirt holding a laundry basket looking at magazines right next to you! I think it was you? I knew you looked familiar and as I was walking away I was asking myself "where do I know her from? " Was that you?
    :) Cece

  3. How funny! I'm in Walnut Creek all the time. Do you ever go to the Walnut Creek Farmers Markets on Sundays? I've always wanted to go. I think I might go this Sunday so if you happen to be around and are in the mood to peruse fruits and veges and perhaps get a coffee that would be lovely! :) Cece
    Oh, and if you would like to email me directly (outside of blogland) I can best be reached at christinavandoren@gmail.com. (My nickname is Cece but my legal name is Christina.)

  4. those sandals are wonderful!