April 22, 2008

Nicole and Pierre

Yesterday I tried to write this post,but blogger was not cooperating. Looks like things are up and running today, so here I go.
I've written plenty about Caitlin,and promised I would do so with both girls,so this post is all about Nicole and Pierre. I don't think I really ever get tired of telling their romantic story. I will not make it too long, and give you the shorter version. As you know we lived in France for two years, Nicole started her first year of college at the American University of Paris and it was in that last year of living there,where she met Pierre. We were set to move back to the States in July of 2004 and they met at the end of May and had a whirlwind romance!!
The most comical part was the night before Pierre was to come to our house to ask my husband for her hand in marriage. We had some friends over for dinner that night, when Nicole takes me upstairs to tell me this news. The guests arrive,and I have this knowledge the entire evening! Guests leave at around midnight,and my husband decides to fast fall asleep. I really don't know why I didn't just wake him up and tell him what was about to happen the next day,but I felt at the time that the poor guy,who is not a night owl, needed to sleep. I don't think I slept that night at all!!
Next morning I tell David soon as I can,and the poor guy really didn't know what to say. Bright and early Pierre arrives dressed up with a small gift in hand,and they have their meeting downstairs. Things go well,and days later, Pierre officially proposes to Nicole on top of the ferris wheel in front of the Louvre. They had a romantic dinner afterwards and well, the rest is history as they say. Nicole actually had to fly back to the States with us and leave Pierre for a few weeks to figure out how he was going to obtain the proper documents to come to the States. After much research, they decided that it would be easy if Nicole flew back to Paris and they got married there. On a sad note, we did not get to attend the ceremony,since on the day they got married we were moving into our new home here in Walnut Creek. They will celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary in August. At the moment, they live in San Francisco and Nicole is attending CCA (art college) as a fashion design student. Pierre found work in his field as a computer engineer.
So folks, that is the story of Nicole and Pierre.


  1. I love this story! Especially the ferris wheel!!! They look so beautiful.Nicole's shoes were gorgeous...and those roses!!! It's sooo sad that you couldn't be there though.

  2. Nicole is so beautiful! Her eyes are great and that hair! This is so romantic-young love and Paris-how can it go wrong? Sigh Nerm

  3. How romantic! Love their wedding photos! Tres chic!
    Nicole is beautiful by the way. She looks like she should be in a Jane Austin film!