April 24, 2008

Some of my favorite things

There is nothing quite like fresh cut flowers in your home is there? I once saw a program with Dr. Andrew Weil discussing the things you need to include in your life and home to be well. Of course most of it was about vitamins and a healthful diet,but the one thing that stood out was his comment on how you should always have a vase of fresh cut flowers in your home. Doesn't have to be grand, just a small bouquet. It made me smile and somehow feel justified that all those times I tried to brighten up the house, I was actually doing a good thing for me and my family. He went on and on about how the physical beauty of the flowers helps your mind and spirit. Could be all a load of new age babble, but I think he is right. I always have fresh cut flowers in my home every day. I try to extend the life of them by giving them a fresh drink of water after a few days, so that I won't have to spend too much. They always bring life to the rooms they are in. I bought these beauties at Whole Foods yesterday. The flower lady,who now knows me very well, told me they just came in,and that they were organic. I don't think I have ever gotten organic flowers;they even have to be kept separate from the others. I guess you can use them to decorate with food etc. Anyway, aren't they lovely!!
My other favorite thing is this tea. I love all different kinds of tea, but this one from France(Mariage Freres) has to be hands down my favorite. I'm a big time coffee drinker,but in the afternoon I really can't handle it,so I switch to tea. I use to go to this very tea house in Paris and buy my little stash every month or so. It was always such a treat to go in there. The smells and the way the shop looked was amazing, even down to the off white linen suits the men wore behind the counters. They were there to assist you if you wanted to mix your own blend. I was a bit too shy to do that, so I always grabbed a tin and off I went. Caitlin and I have tea usually every afternoon together, either at Whole foods right before we shop for dinner, or at home. It really makes you stop, have a nice conversation and relax for a minute, something we all need to do I think. Please people, don't get one to go and dash off, sit and enjoy it! It is great for the mind and spirit :)
The picture of the light blue candle is my last treasure from Laduree,it is a chocolate scented candle. The other scents they had were, brioche and I believe vanilla. If you want a little taste of Laduree there is a store in San Francisco that sells these candles,called Bellochio here is there link. I found this store years ago and I'm so glad that it still is in operation. Have fun perusing, and get a little something for yourself while you at it.

P.S. This is the first time I'm adding some links on here and I hope they show up. Every time I preview the post,it doesn't seem to show up, so If they don't come up I'll try again.


  1. Well, guys it looks like the links didn't go on, so I'll have to do some investigating.

    Here is the Mariage Freres tea: www.mariagefreres.com and Bellochio is www.bellochio.com

  2. I have some of that tea! It is so good. I am a huge tea drinker. There is nothing to come close. I like coffee, too, but tea is just the best. You are such a genteel person. Wish we could meet. Nerm

  3. I love that you and your daughter share tea together everyday! I hope the dress you two are sewing comes out wonderful. Oh I love the idea of your RED mixer! Must be too cute!