April 8, 2008

More on the trip

When I said some things changed for the good and some didn't, This place was one of the didn't change,and still good categories! Los Bagels started in hippie town Arcata,and has always been a student hang out. My husband went there a lot,but I really didn't. It wasn't until I moved out of college town Arcata to Eureka, that I started to eat them. On this trip, we decided to see if it was still any good. It was ,and then some!! I had a vegetarian tortilla soup with a salad and bagel, and Caitlin had that yummy thing above. The smells in there and all the flavors was truly Arcata at it's finest. I wish we had a really good bagel place here. Anyone out there reading this from the Bay Area, let me know if you have found one.


  1. Hi Elizabeth-I love that tee shirt! The sandwich looks really good too. The best bagels are in New York, but that's kinda far to go, huh? Nerm

  2. Is that a bagel smothered in guacamole!?!?! That looks SO tasty...