April 9, 2008

The Three French Ladies

"Aux Dauphins"
"Aux Tulips"
"Fleurs des Champs"

These demi tasse cups are nick named by me as the "Three French Ladies" The first one of these that I received was the "Aux Dauphins." This was purchased while visiting my dad when he was living in France back in 1993. We were in Versailles touring the chateau,when I came upon this little beauty in the gift shop. I had celebrated my birthday while visiting,and my dad had not gotten my a birthday gift yet. He said that if I find something I like while we were touring any of the sites, that he would get it for my present.....So, Voila! That is how this collection started. The other two were purchased while we were living in France, by my husband, for I think a birthday and one on Mothers day. They are manufactured by the "Ancienne Manufacture Royale de Limoges." They are replicas basically of ones that are in a museum in Paris called "Musee des Arts Decoratifs" or in Limoges in a museum called "Musee National de Porcelaine." If any French speakers are reading this, I apologize for the missing accents.
I have some other Limoges pieces that I might share later, but I think that these lovely ladies need a post all their own. When I go on trips I try to collect very interesting demi tasse cups that have some unique quality to them. I try not to go for cutesy,and they have to reflect the area where I get them. I bought a really neat one in Spain a couple of years ago that I really love. Anyway, I might do another post later on my vast collection of tea cups. Tableware is my big weakness!!


  1. Hello, you cosmopolitan lady, you! J'aime les demitasses. Is that right? ha Beautiful, beautiful! I want to come visit your home-I'll bet it's full of fun items like these cups. Keep up the great photos. Nerm

  2. LOOOOOVE these. The third one is my favorite! I am with you on the tableware weakness. Some day I would like a house with a large butler's pantry for nothing but dishes, dishes, dishes!!!

  3. Oh, those are SO beautiful! I love them!


  4. What an artful collection of demitasse cups! Just lovely. I collect tea cups but I started collecting when I was so young that my eye was not yet refined (at all) and they are quite cliche. I covet you much more unique cups!