April 16, 2008

Sometimes I dream of this place

This is the location we use to go to on Rue Royal
I bought this book last time I was in Paris
The Religieuse
Their packaging is so amazing!
Famous macarons
Some adorable treats.

Since I have no updates on the project that Caitlin and I will be embarking on soon, I thought I'd share my favorite place in Paris. While there are many wonderful patisseries in Paris, this by far is the best!! I can't even describe how wonderful everything in there tastes and smells, and don't even get me started on their packaging. I saved many boxes of theirs when we purchased goodies and still treasure them to this day. There are three major locations in Paris, but this one on Rue Royal is my favorite. The book pictured above, is my way to escape back there from time to time. I can't wait for our family trip in 09 to France, so that I can go to Laduree!! If anyone saw the new movie about Marie Antoinette, you will see many of Laduree's desserts showcased. Don't you want to hop on a plane and go this divine place?!


  1. Oh. No! I can't let Kitty on your blog today. She'll have cardiac arrest! Nerm

  2. I'm in HEAVEN with these pictures!!! I have never been there save for in my dreams, but those are the very items I would want to have...and in my FAVORITE color too. You are such a lucky girl!

  3. One of my favorite places in Paris as well. I could just eat AND eat the rose macaroons - have you tried them?

    Anyway, you won my drawing!!! Please stop by to see your prize. Also, please email your mailing address to jennifer {AT} fablehandmadegoods {DOT} com


  4. Laduree is perfection! I have one of their little business cards up on the wall in my design room. The whole ambience is perfection. I confess, this is so embarrassing, that I got kicked out of Laduree in Paris for taking pictures. I knew I wasn't suppose to do it but it was worth the risk! :)