May 22, 2008

Knee deep in red silk!

Have you ever seen so much red silk?
The bodice

Ready to attach

Thought I'd take a breather and show some progress of the dress. Today I will be attaching the bodice to the skirt,then starting on the lining and boning. The boning is a new adventure for me. It seems very straight forward,but we shall see what challenges it brings today. I should have the dress completed by Friday,minus the hem, since we have to buy some new shoes. Next week will be fun finding the jewelry and maybe a hair decoration.


  1. looking good!!! I posted my projects on my flicker project section leave me comments :)

  2. it looks so great! i can't wait to see it finished!

  3. Wow! The pressing alone would take me until Friday! You're doing wonderfully!

  4. Once again I'll say what a brave seamtress you are. Hope your daughter is duly appreciative. This will be spectacular. Can't wait to see it completed and modeled on her. Keep us posted.
    Luv, Nerm

  5. and you made it ?
    oh I'm so impressed !
    I wish I'm able to sew like this when my daughter is older !