May 21, 2008

I've been tagged

A few days ago I was tagged by Nerm and Kitty In which I was suppose to give a six word memoir of my life's moto. After much thought, I think the closest I can come up with is: "Listen to people and respect them." I find this has served me well on all fronts. Not that I'm perfect and haven't slipped a few times by not following this, but in general, when you actually LISTEN to people and give them the respect that they are looking for, things seem to run much soother. I now tag:

Linnea Paulina of "Linnea Paulina"
Melissa of "Charmed Life"
CeCe of"All Dolled Up"
Leanne of "Crazy Little Thing Called Life"
Amy of "Bura Ellen"

I have tried to hit the link button on the posting page and it never seems to work for me. Can someone out there tell me what the steps are? Here is what I have been doing; I'll write the post,then if I want a link, I click on the little icon,and then I enter the URL. I see it on the page, but when I preview the post, there is nothing on there. I once thought that maybe it just doesn't show up until you actually post, but then that didn't work either. HELP.


  1. you have to highlight the words you want to link to before you click the link button. SO, if you wanted the word 'food' to go to then you would highlight the word food, click on the link button (earth with a chain looking thingy) then another window will pop up and http:// will automatically be there, type where you want to in this example-in that space then click ok. if the link worked, the word you linked (food in this example) should be a different color from the rest of your font.

  2. actually, i live in grants pass! and holy smokes are you an amazing embroiderer, and seamstress! i totally want to learn embroidery, and how to sew though i dont think i have the patience for it.
    as an fyi, if you receive your comments via email, i have my email listed so you can just reply to any comments i leave via dont have to go back to my blog to enter them.

  3. I agree with Regina's tutorial on linking. I figured it out just my practice and experiment. We'll all get this blog thing sooner or later-ha! Nerm

  4. Good job on your memoir-I love to read all the different interpretations. Nerm