May 19, 2008

And the color choice is...

We decided on red for the dress.We had gone to all the places near by, and we were hoping one color would stand out. It ended up being red. Not just any red though, very pretty ruby red. We had to go to three places to find it since it is prom season,and all of the fancy fabric is being depleted. I went to this very small out of the way place in the Oakland hills called Piedmont Fabrics. They are an off shoot of the very wonderful Poppy Fabrics that no longer is in business. We all cried a little bit when Poppy closed, I being one of them, since I have been a long time customer. One of the employees from Poppy decided to open up a smaller version of it, not far from the original location. I visited once, and was a bit sad that the selection wasn't that great. I decided to give them another try a few months down the road when they filled out their stock a bit more. So, when I called and asked them if they had red silk dupioni they said, "We sure do, come on over." Not only did they have red, but the prettiest shade at that. Caitlin is a happy camper,and I think I will have it done by this weekend if nothing gets in my way.
For anyone in the Bay Area reading this, go and take a look at Piedmont Fabrics, it is worth the trip.
On a side note,this weekend I also got the cook book that was mentioned in a previous post(Apples for Jam),and I can't wait to try out the recipes. :)


  1. I can't wait to see the prom dress.... red silk dupioni sounds delicious. I once had a dress made for me for a school dance in college... it was pinkish red and shimmery. It was so unstretchy in the waist/bust that I watched what I ate for a week before the dance - I was so worried it wouldn't fit. I have been eyeing Apples for Jam at the bookstore, but haven't gotten around to buying it... although I suspect that the time will come some time soon!!

  2. beautiful color! i can't wait to see the finished dress!

  3. Hi Elizabeth-I'm back from my journey and came to see what you've been up to. Wow! Those dresses are divine. That red will be gorgeous on your daughter with her dark hair and fair skin. Wow again. Luv, Nerm

  4. Wonderful color! It's going to be GORGEOUS!! Happy Sewing!