May 18, 2008

On to the next project

This is the chosen pattern for the prom dress. This is what I will be working on this week, so there may be some delays in posting. I might do some posts on the progress, we shall see. Today, we are going to get the fabric for it from our favorite store in Berkeley. This dress has 8 yards of fabric, if your fabric it 45 in. wide and 5 and a half if you are lucky enough to find a 60 in wide fabric. We want to make it out of silk shantung, and most of that is usually 44 to 45in. This isn't including the 6 yards of lining also!! There is also boning in the bodice to add to the challenge. The instructions are pretty easy and I should complete it by Friday at the latest.
I'll take a picture of the fabric and post what the final color decision is.
Our weather is finally getting a bit more normal, and my AC is working. Turns out there was never anything wrong with it according to the AC guy. Maybe after such a long slumber, it had a bit of a hick-up. At least I can turn it on and sew in comfort.
Caitlin's presentation went very well and the teacher was very impressed,so I think she will get a very good grade.
Hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend.


  1. ooh, i can't wait to see it!

  2. LOVE the pattern!!! Can't wait to see the color. Ice blue would be pretty!

  3. This is sooooooo beautiful. I'll make sure Harleigh doesn't see it because this is just the kind of prom dress she would want and I'm not that great a seamstress. Can't wait to see it, Elizabeth!

    The Gahan Girls