May 14, 2008

Quiche aux asperges

Recipe from the spring issue of Marie Claire Idees
These two books are a life saver
Very useful when working with metrics
The pastry rolled out like a dream
I could probably eat this as is!
Dinner time!

I know a lot of readers out in blogland love Marie Claire Idees for it's crafts and all other creative ideas,but I love the recipes in the back. When living in France, I realized that food there is pretty much a religion and you don't mess with a French person and their food. They even have the most yummy recipes in their TV guides.I have tried all sorts of French recipes from all kinds of magazines,and Marie Claire Idees is no different, as far as the quality of the recipes. I have made several things from the magazine and they always turn out well. The two books above, called "Cooktionary," were written by a dear friend of my Dads. We had the pleasure of meeting her and spending the night at her lovely B&B in northern France. She wrote these books a couple of years back and was so nice to give us two signed copies. I really wish I had them while I was living there,since they translate anything related to cooking, from French to English. The other handy item is the scale above. I could not have survived cooking there without it. I still use it to this day for all the recipes that I have from Europe.
The quiche turned out very good, as I knew it would, and I got to use my new quiche pan!
If anyone out there needs any translations let me know.
On a side note, the dress is almost done! Yippee. It looks so pretty,and I will post the pictures as soon as possible.


  1. I'm coming over for dinner... is there any blueberry cake left too?
    Looks beautiful AND yummy :)

  2. That look so wonderful! I make quiches all the time. Sometimes I make them with brie and those are my favorite. My husband loves them too. I will for sure try this one though. Well Done! -Kitty

  3. yeah for healthy food ! ;)