May 12, 2008

Mother's Day with the family

My two girls
Yak Sing
Dim sum "sticky rice"
Gift from David and Caitlin
Nicole and Pierre's gift
Cute pins that were in the cup and saucer above
Caitlin's handmade card.

Hope all the moms in blogland and everywhere had a great day yesterday.We all had a very nice day,which started out with church then meeting Nicole and Pierre in the city for dim sum at Yak Sing. It was the first time I have been there, and I would like to go again when it isn't as crowded as it was yesterday! We barely sat down and they were selling their items,so that was a bit difficult at first. Once we got in the swing of it though, it was fun and we had some good items. Afterwards we all caught a movie near by and had a great time.
I received many nice goodies as you can see from above! The pen was totally unexpected, as I thought I might have gotten it for my birthday in the fall. I recently lost the same pen along with a beautiful Waterman pen in and around Christmas time. I was so crushed when I looked in my purse and they were gone! They were in this nifty little leather pouch especially for pens. I've had them both forever,and then one day I noticed they were not in there, and to this day I have no clue how I could have lost them. The original Cartier pen was gold and black, but to start with a clean slate, I have the platinum version this time. OK, enough with that side track. Nicole and Pierre got me the cute pins and they came wrapped in that adorable little cup and saucer. Caitlin made me the card, and it is all illustrated with all the inside jokes that we laugh at all the time. I'll treasure all of my gifts and hope to God I don't loose that pen! Thank you everyone for making my day special.


  1. Wow! you had a wonderful Mother's Day. What creative gifts you got. Love the pen and the pins were precious. Gotta go on their website. Thanks for sharing your special day with us. Luv, Nerm

  2. awww, what special gifts :o)!! What a nice pen. Wow. I have never owned anything nicer than a plain bic... pens come and go so easily. The most annoying this is when you ask other people to sign something for you (with your pen), and then they take it...ugh!! Hope you had a happy mother's day!

  3. Glad you had a wonderful day! Such thoughtful girls!

  4. sorry to ask this : but is there a Mom on this picture ? I can see 3 sisters only !

    joyeuse (belated) fête des mères Elizabeth !