May 8, 2008

These two crazy kids met 27 years ago

Us, circa June 1981

One of my favorite things ever, is to ask couples how they met. I never get tired of hearing stories of people meeting their soul mates.
Our story begins at Humboldt State University. My first siting of my sweetie was in the very first semester that I started college. About a week before classes started, you could attend some workshops on how to get a job while going to school. My friend and I decided it might be a good idea,so off we went. The workshop starts, and in walks David, a bit late, and sits down against the chalk board with poster boards propped up on the sill. As he is sitting there, the boards start to fall on him. Of course everyone turns to see, as he starts to put them back up . Two seconds later the board falls on him again. My friend and I could not stop giggling in the corner of the room. My first impression of him was how cool he was about the situation and how cute he was.
The whole rest of the year I see him around campus.When I was with my friend, I would say,"Hey there is that cute guy from the workshop, remember the boards!" Then I would see him as I was going to take my tennis class. I tried to get his attention by smiling at him,but he never looked at the right time or something. To this day he claims that he didn't see me.
Anyway, then spring term rolls around. It wasn't until I went to my last class of the day,Spanish conversation, that I saw him sitting in there. I couldn't believe that he was in my class. Well, I had to figure out a way to talk to him. He gave one of our class speeches; on being a foreign exchange student in Sweden. I thought, there we go! I decided to ask him if he knew these students that were from the same organization that went to my school. Turns out he did! We chatted for a bit. That was all for a while, until he started asking if I wanted to study with him. Study session after study session,finally led him to ask me to a dance that was in town. Foolishly I said no, because the day after the dance I had another date. He seemed sad,but took it well. He leaves my apartment,and my roommate calls me into her room. She said,"Why did you do that? Go out with both of them!" I thought about it for a second, and then thought what the heck,maybe she is right. I asked David if he still wanted to go,when I saw him the next day in class, he said sure!
I go on the date with him, and we hit it off instantly and had a wonderful time.Talking to him was like talking to an old friend that I knew for years. I was smitten from that point on.
Next day, I go out with the other guy. That date turns into a disaster and the whole time I was thinking about David instead! From then on we were inseparable. I wish that I was a better writer to convey how amazing that time really was,because looking back, it was such a special time and so sweet. Young love!!!
If anyone out there wants to leave me a comment on how they met their partner,husband etc. Be my guest, I would love to read it


  1. I loved reading that!!!! What a special story!! I always love hearing my parents tell the story of how they met. My mom came to the US from Sweden to learn English, and she told my Dad she could go on dates any days, except Tuesdays and Thursdays. After they were married, my Dad asked my Mom, "why couldn't you ever go on Tues/Thurs dates?" And my mom said "because I could never tell the difference between the two days... my English was so poor, and I was embarrassed!" I think that story is so cute. Anyways :o) I met my boyfriend when I was a freshman in college... we were in English class together, but never really talked, even though I was drawn to him because he gave a great presentation on his love of running. Spring Semester was when we started talking... he began helping me with chem and engineering homework. He asked me to the Spring dance at school. I came back from track practice to find a pear and a box of cheese nips on my desk. Taped to the cheese nips was a notecard with my name on it. I flipped it over, and it read: Dear Linnea, I know this might sound cheesy, but I think we'd make a perfect pair. Will you go to the dance with me? Marc. Swoooooooning :o) I didn't mean to write you a novel, but there you have it! Take care! xox, Linnea

  2. thanks for sharing! i'll keep mine really short (believe me, there is definitely a long, wonderful version). i met my husband eleven years ago. his band was shooting a video and they needed "extras." guess who the extra was? and boy am i glad i was :)

  3. Love your story! love...that's where I met and feel in love with my future husband too!

  4. I used to work in the local library after school ( I was a sixth-former - don't know what that is in the US. Age 17.). It was a small library, housed in a "temporary" pre-fab, put there to replace the library bombed during WW2. I was shelving some books. He asked if I would like to go out with him that wednesday. I said I had some maths homework. He persisted, and still does. So do I.

  5. very special ! thanks for sharing. I love the picture, it looks so cool !
    20+ years ago (no, really ?) as I was taking lessons for the driving test, one of the guys learning with me was my husband's friend when doing their residency (hospital). He invited me over for coffee and introduced me to my (future) husband. This year is our 16th anniversary.