May 6, 2008

The mixer was feeling a bit neglected

Haven't used this old girl in a while.

These darn blueberries were 4.99 each half pint!
Love this grater
The batter was so beautiful
Ta Da!

I have been meaning to make this lemon blueberry cake for quite sometime now,and last Friday I sent Caitlin in to get the ingredients. To my surprise,I looked at the receipt and almost had a heart attack when I saw that I spent close to $10.00 dollars on blueberries! It really forced me into making it,where sometimes I have these grand baking ideas and then don't follow through. This is a recipe from Cooking Light. I usually don't bake from their recipes,but I liked all the ingredients in this particular cake, so I decided to give it a whirl. Plus it will most likely be the last one for a while, because of the weather warming up. I think it will be tasty with tea or maybe a little slice in the morning. It is cooling off as I write this,so I'll report back if it was any good.


  1. Wowowow! I love blueberry lemon cake!! Beautiful! I use Cooking Light recipes a lot. A few summers ago I made a lemon berry cake for my grandpa... it was layered with a cream cheese frosting... quite yummy. I hope it turns out yummy and worth the 10 dollar blueberries!!

  2. of course i have this birthday stuff going on these days and i thought i'd whip up some cupcakes for a little birthday lunch party today. so i got out my "betty crocker" mix and went at had those yucky little critters in the mix. so disgusting.
    baking from scratch would have avoided that problem!
    your cake looks perfect...
    you know, i was thinking about my mom's prom dress from the 50's and i was wondering if emma might want to wear it. this sewing task ahead of me is daunting. mom's dress is pink with an outer layer of tulle(sp?). there are beautiful little silk rosebuds here and there on the skirt. it would just be fun!

  3. That cake looks delicious! I'm always horrified at the price of blueberries too. I have a cake tin just like that but both times I've used it the cake has stuck horribly even after greasing and flouring....any tips?
    asti x

  4. Ok, so that looks so great. I love blueberries and always have. I think I will try to find that recipe on Cooking Light. It came out very pretty. You're quite the professional in the kitchen!! -Kitty

  5. Ooh... I LOVE that red mixer! I knew I would! That pan is great too! Now if you only lived closer I could maybe talk you out of a slice of that blueberry delight!
    I know it must be delicious!

  6. I usually buy frozen berries for baking. Not the ones packed in liquid, just plain, frozen berries. No one can tell the difference, and they're just as healthy as fresh. :)

  7. Your cake looks fabulous!
    I really must do some baking..the garden has taken over just lately!

  8. yum yum yum !
    the shape is incredible, I love it !
    I have some blueberries in my yard, but the birds eat them all before they're ready for us !


  9. You need to plant a blueberry bush-Raspberries grow well with them too.It's well worth it, just imagine the money you can save, and nothing is better than organic fresh berries!
    We have them in our yard, the birds and everything are always hanging around. The strawberries are around there too, bunnies love them.. I don't mind sharing, lol.
    -Canadian reader Angie