May 5, 2008

Hello Monday

Nice to go area,can you see the cupcakes on the counter? I wanted one of those,but they quickly left by the time we finished lunch!
Great view after the fog burned off

Caitlin enjoying her scone
David's lunch
My after lunch treat of herbal tea
David's dessert of creme caramel

Yesterday we went to Greens in San Francisco to have brunch with the family. We were going to have dinner here,but I flaked and decided an outing to the city on a Sunday afternoon would be much more fun,and it is much easier for Nicole and Pierre.
Greens is a vegetarian restaurant that has been around for a long time,and it paved the way for upscale veggie restaurants. It has a beautiful view of the marina and the Golden Gate bridge. We aren't vegetarians,but I would say our diet is becoming more so in the last year or so. We have already decided to avoid red meat,and only eat chicken and fish. A restaurant like this is a nice departure from the normal brunch fare. You can google Greens if you want to learn more.
We were not good about sticking close to home this weekend to work on Caitlin's project,but instead decided it would be much more fun to roam the Bay Area! Saturday we decided to go to Scharffen Berger chocolate factory in Berkeley to satisfy a chocolate cake craving. Caitlin and I had a cup cake and David had a truffle tart. Yummy,but I was kinda still left with wanting that dense rich chocolate cake slice. I limit my self to one really good dessert a week,so that was it. Now I'm left with looking for that slice of cake some time this week.
Getting back to Caitlin's project, I'm feeling a bit anxious that we did waste an entire weekend not working on it! I will have to now set up the machine and she will have to work on it bit by bit every day when she comes home from school I guess. SO....Once again, stay tuned.


  1. Sounds like a very nice weekend! I will have to check that place out next year when I get there. :)

  2. Ooh...I LOVE Sunday brunch! What a fun place to be! You are sooo good about the whole one dessert per week rule!

  3. Mmmm, your whole meal sounds delicious, especially the dessert! That's a smart thing you do with the one really good dessert a week... it sounds more enjoyable than one low quality dessert a week for sure!

  4. oh dear...
    I've been to this place...
    you know the feeling : so hard to see this and be far away ! :(

    bon appétit !


  5. by the way, I don't eat meat/poultry. oh yes only organic ground beef once a week (but this last is for health reason : my iron level) so of course I can only encourage you to go on that way...