May 2, 2008

Happy Friday, have a sip of coffee!!

Our little coffee bar
My usual treat after dinner

My other beverage of choice is coffee. I love the stuff,and I could drink it all day,except for the fact that I'm now too old to do this, and it has such adverse affects on me. I usually have one cup of drip in the morning.
Most of my friends and family know that you would never in million years catch me at a Starbucks,mainly because what they serve is just not great,and their business practices are just plain evil.....sorry to anyone who does drink it,but I have seen them destroy lovely local mom and pop shops everywhere. My favorite coffee is Peet's. The are getting somewhat bigger,but they are still a smaller operation with carefully roasted beans and very good quality. Walking by one of their stores will most likely draw you in if you are coffee lover.
I use to own an espresso machine where you would have to put your own grounds in and do the whole bit. I got very frustrated by this, because most of the machines would have a slow recovery time to make multiple cups of coffee for guests. Enter the Nespresso! I love this little machine, I fought my husband on buying it, thinking I was a sell out for not doing my own grinding etc. That is until I started tasting the coffee that it would churn out and how many of them you could make in a row,as you can see by the above photo,it also has a perfect creme with the 19 bars of pressure that is has. I was sold,and I really do love this little machine. After dinner I have a shot of decaf and a square of dark chocolate and I feel like I've had a little dessert. I also bought the "aerochino" pitcher,that steams and froths milk.That too, is top quality and delivers beautiful foam or just plain steamed milk. This little combo will save you money in the end by making all those drinks at home.
This weekend will most likely be the same old deal,and the continuation of making the dress. Hope everyone out in blog land has a wonderful and eventful weekend.


  1. Nespresso! My dear friend two doors down has a nespresso and I am sooo hooked! I want one so badly! My espresso machine is such a pain that I don't even like to bother. Nespresso is the best darn coffee I have ever ever had. Starbucks is a joke! Yuck! They have to cover up their coffee with sweetness which the American palette likes. (wow, did that sound snobby or what! I am American after all.)
    Where did you get your Nespresso? Did you order online?
    I hope the dress making is going well! Do we get to see pics? :)
    I hope we can reschedule getting together sometime soon!
    Oh, one more thing...I don't know if this is "your thing" but there is a vintage paper fair coming up on May 17th and 18th. It is so fun! Unfortunately I am going to be in LA that weekend. :( But I thought you and your girls might enjoy it. I collect vintage European postcards and always find delightful ones there!
    (Sorry I have written an essay instead of a comment!) Have a great weekend!

  2. Your set up is so neat! I have never made espresso before but for some reason I love making and serving coffee to guests even though I don't drink it much myself. Of course I LOVE your cup and saucer!!! Is it Vietri? WONDERFUL!!!

  3. Monin! That really is the absolute best. :D

  4. Elizabeth, so intrigued by the Nespresso. Have been googling it since reading your post and think I need to have one of these!

    And yes, want to see pix of the dress as soon as it's done!

    From one thumb picker to the other, enjoy your Sunday!

    The Gahan Girls

  5. lovely !
    this looks very... European !