May 1, 2008

I'm a cook book addict what can I say

Here is just part of my cook book collection, I do have a few more that just don't fit in that shelf. I really do use them all though,along with my collection of cooking light magazines from years past on the top shelf. I should look through those actually, and maybe make some room for some new ones. Since we have Sunday dinner here at the house with everyone, I usually choose one of the books and make something fun,or I use one of the baking cook books for a special dessert. I do have some favorites in the collection,and I will admit,some don't get cracked open until I have a dinner party or remember that ONE recipe that I cooked ages ago that I have to hunt for. The new cook book that I want to add to the family, is the one posted above, "Apples for Jam." I gave this book to a friend for her birthday,and she really liked it,and already tried one of the recipes. I'm hoping for this book for Mother's day(hint hint).
Since the weather is changing, I have been struggling with what to cook and I need to change up the menu,so I think it is time to pull out some of the old girls for inspiration. Maybe a nice dinner salad or a savory tart???


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one out there who uses just one recipe from a cookbook! It's kind of like wanting to listen to just one single off of a CD...I do that all the time. The book on your wish list seems to be a big favorite in Blogland lately. I hope you get it!

  2. Elizabeth, you sound like Kitty. She may be younger than us, but she already has a good size collection. She has been cooking since High School, when she'd watch Martha Stewart during the summer and try out her fancy desserts. Me, I got real tired of cooking after 25 years & semi-retired. My honey is a great cook tho' and he just flys by the seat of his pants. Nerm

  3. Elizabeth,
    I'm wanting to get a cookbook as a shower gift and remembered a post of yours that featured some of your cookbooks. I enlarged the picture and want to know 1) if you could recommend a good all-encompassing cookbook for a gal who is rather new to the kitchen but wanting to be adventurous. (I also remember reading about those two French reference books that you keep in your kitchen; I found those intriguing.)


    P.S. In the picture, is the piece on the shelf with a rooster on top a mortar and pestle?