April 29, 2008

Such a long way to go

I finished this part
Working on this end
Still have all of this side though!!

First off, apologies for the quality of the photos, the lighting is very strange today and I couldn't get a great shot of the runner. Do you see how much I have yet to do?! It's not like I have been working on it non stop, but I fear that I won't get it done in time for when I want to use it. I have to force myself to not put it down for too long, or it will get put in closet until next season. I always tend to do this to myself.I work on pieces that are of the season,and when I can't get close to finishing them for a particular event or just for decoration,I put it away until next year. This is not a good way to work and I really need to stop doing that. I have a real cute Christmas project I was working on, but didn't finish it, so it is in the dark closet waiting for me to pull it out. Same goes for the cute bunny one that I had on my Easter post. Who out there does this? Is there a cure for such nonsense? Today, I plan on continuing and seeing how far I can get, that is after I clean the bathroom and do laundry etc....see what I mean, I'm already over booked with chores how can I possibly get this thing done!HELP


  1. Maybe you can get one end finished and then put it on a table that's pushed up to a wall so you can hide the unfinished end. LOL! Does my quick response hint at my own issues with finishing projects?;)

  2. there IS no cure for this!! you just have to plow through it. maybe take on a smaller project so you can finish something quick and feel the satisfaction of completion, THEN move on to the more challenging piece.

  3. I'm the world's worst at this. I try to finish projects after the fact esp. Christmas ones, and all the excitement of the occasion is gone. It's hard to forge ahead when the celebration has passed. Plus I always think, there's always next year! Nerm

  4. Oh, wow...that is beautiful! I love embroidery, it's one of my favorite hobbies.