April 28, 2008

The first steps

Tell me why I thought this dress would be finished by today? Well, probably because I was thinking of the time frame I would have finished it. First off, I thought the dress was due to be completed by this coming Friday,which as it turns out it is not. Thank goodness,because it will take much longer if she wants to do the bulk of it. Saturday,she cut the top portion of the dress,while I did the bottom. The bottom will be organza and taffeta. It was so slippery,that I thought she would have much too difficult of a time in cutting it. After the cutting was done,I showed her how to flat line the skirt,so in the bottom picture she is basting the organza to the taffeta. That is as far as we got over the weekend,since she had piles of other homework to do. I think what we will do, is start in the afternoon when she gets home from school and take our time. I think the dress has to be done by May 16th.
Very warm weekend here, I do believe it got up into the low 90's! Today, a much cooler one,but sunny. On Sunday we did manage to get away to Berkeley again for a bit of lunch after church. We went to Tacubaya, the sister restaurant to Dona Tomas. It was a nice lunch and we ate more than we should have!! Today I go back to my water aerobics class after not being there all last week. I need to get all the Mexican food out of my system. Have a fantastic week everyone.


  1. Not due until May 16th! Hooray!!! I'm so impressed, most teenagers I know would wait until about midnight on May 15th to even start! It's going to be wonderful!
    About the tickets, I'm not sure what will do with them yet. A friend saw my jar with the pink ones in it and asked if I was having a drawing. LOL!

  2. Isn't it so hard to be a patient
    teacher to someone, particularly a daughter? It's so much easier to do it yourself, but then she won't learn, right? I can't wait to see the finished product. Good luck, Nerm