June 29, 2008

Last but not least

This little cutie just turned 23!

Wow, I survived all the celebrations of June! Saturday was Nicole's 23rd birthday. My Dad and step mom happened to be in town for a family wedding,so they got to help celebrate. I had hoped to have better pictures of everyone that was here, but when I looked at the ones I had taken,they were all a bit blurred and not very flattering. Nicole and Pierre came over after lunch and we went to see the newest Pixar film (Wall E.) It was a very cute film. My Dad and step mom returned from the wedding in time to have Nicole's birthday dinner. I forgot to take photos of the actual dinner. Nicole chose this salmon pasta, that I concocted years ago, for her dinner. Very simple and fresh for summer. I ordered a cake, I would have liked to have made one, but with guests and just being too darn tired, I decided not to torture myself! I hope she had a good time. I can't believe she is 23! Happy birthday Nicole!!!!

Now, onto relaxing for the rest of the summer, doing some sewing and embroidering I hope,something to post on here other than all my family's celebrations! :)


  1. It all sounds(and looks)lovely. Enjoy relaxing!

  2. Thank you so much for visiting my blog & the lovely comment you left. I was so charmed to see the photo of your daughter with her rag dolly anna, I used to have one and haven't thought about her for years.
    That cake looks delicious also.

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter!!! That salmon pasta sounds delicious :o)!!! I can understand not making a cake... summer baking can get kind of sweaty... just like summer dish washing... ehhhh. And I'm sure it just left you with more time to enjoy your lovely family. Take care & hope your week is starting off great!

  4. I love the height of the cake! Very fun. And your cake stand looks neat. Does it rotate? Where did you get it?


  5. i'm sitting here with fresh tears running down my cheeks. i just read my latest post out loud to mike. i can't believe my baby is almost 14...and then you go and post a baby photo of your 23 year old! same, same, same! so hard on us mommies isn't it? i hope you put as much planning into your summer as you have for the past few weeks! you deserve a holiday!!

  6. happy belated birthday nicole! that first picture is so adorable :)

    Hope you all have a wonderful summer ...