June 26, 2008

I was walking out to the mail box when I saw this

I went out to get the mail today,and while I was walking by the telephone poll, I heard this very high pitched sound. I thought at first that it was some crazy electrical happenings above on the wires. I looked closer and saw this insect, which I believe is a cicada. I never thought California had them. I heard them in the South of France and in Indiana,where my Dad lives,but never here! It let me get fairly close and then got spooked. Has anyone else out there from California seen one of these guys?
It is so smoky from all the fires, that seeing this cicada out there, you would think it was the apocalypse!


  1. it is a cicada. we have a lot here in georgia!

  2. when i lived in austin hill country, i heard them every day - omg, they were so loud!

    sorry about the smoke. i hear from my friends it's pretty bad up there.

  3. I guess I thought there were cicadas everywhere! Yes, they definitely clam up when you get close. I know that all too well when we had to try and catch one that came in the house. It was about to drive everybody CRAZY! No one could sleep or find it.

  4. you have some fires again ?
    oh I don't like to hear this. I once was evacuated from a wildfire in SD, and it was a scary experience....

    I love the new banner !

  5. Cicadas are so creepy! It seems that we have a round of them every few years. Their beady red eyes are something out of a horror movie. Maybe your is lost and will fly home! Nerm