June 25, 2008

Meet Clementine

This is Nicole and Pierre's dog Clementine, she is a Pomeranian. When we visited them last Friday, Nicole playfully put these sun glasses on her and she didn't seem to mind them on! She walked around their apartment for some time before finally taking them off. She is very bright and cute.
I thought I'd start the post out on a positive note, but I do have some sad news to report on my sister's puppy Oliver, that I posted on back in May. Poor little guy has some major birth defects with his heart and apparently is also having some problems with his intestines. My sister decided to turn Oliver over to this very kind vet, who specializes in his breed. Last report on him, was that he was not doing very well, but since my sister lives by one of the countries best vet schools(U.C. Davis), the vets are taking him there for surgery. All of them have fallen in love with him and want to try everything before they give up. He is such a doll, that it has been heart breaking for the kids and my sister! So, everyone out there say a little prayer for Oliver that he pulls through all his surgeries. Sorry this was a downer post,but since I did blog about Oliver, I thought you should know. :(


  1. too cute! Remy wouldn't stand for sungalsses, he isn't sure he likes it when I wear mine either!

  2. Elizabeth,
    I will keep dear little Oliver in my prayers. I think about that sweet picture of him sleeping all curled up on the bed and it makes my heart melt.

    Glad you liked the shell mirror! Sometimes I go hog wild with the shells and think I need to be reigned in, so I tried really hard to hold back a little on this project.

    Do keep us posted on Oliver. Agreed . . . he is such a doll,and I don't even know him.


  3. Oh that poor little thing! I hope he gets better soon! I LOVE your daughter's dog. I have always wanted a white one, so adorable!

  4. oh, i'm so sorry about oliver. i'll send lots of positive thoughts his way and to your sister.

    i do like the sunglasses. i've always thought little kids looked adorable with them, but dogs are probably even cuter.

  5. thought at first it was Paris Hilton... ;P
    oops sorry poor Clementine ! (I couldn't help I don't like Paris Hilton ! but I like pets !

  6. oh then I finished reading the post and read about Oliver...
    I'm so sorry to hear this. I lost 6 of my cats from May 2007 till this month and I can relate to this unfortunately. I can only hope he will feel better soon... I know the bond we have with our pets, they are part of the family. please let us know...