June 22, 2008

One Birthday down, one more to go!

Birthday boy opening gifts
wonderful Ice cream shop, Berkeley California

David chose the mocha chocolate bombe

David's birthday was on Friday,and he decided to start out his birthday celebration by having breakfast at Sear's Fine Food in San Francisco,where we met Nicole and Pierre. After helping Nicole and Pierre with a few more moving details, we then went into Berkeley to David's favorite wine shop, Kermit Lynch,and used his gift certificate he received from my Dad and Susan. A brain storm hit as to where we should get his birthday cake,and in memory of childhood birthdays, we decided to go to "ICI" and get an ice cream cake."ICI" is French for here, as in the ice cream is made on the premises. This ice cream shop was opened up by alumni of Chez Panisse. Very adorable,and decorated with pure eye candy. David decided on a small chocolate/mocha bombe. It was so good!!
Before we had the lovely dessert, we went to see the Indiana Jones movie. That was fun and nice to get out of the heat!
We have been on a whirlwind of celebrations as you can see by all my posts, hopefully there will be other things on here besides all our family celebrations.But wait there is one more birthday on the 28th..... Last one I promise. Sorry this post seems so choppy, I think my brain is fried from all the food and dessert in the last weeks!


  1. Many happy returns to David. That mocha chocolate bombe looks so tempting!

  2. You all are so lucky to have so many wonderful choices of restaurants! I love all the ones you have shown, so fun! We have all our birthdays and anniversary crammed up together too. We go for a two month stretch with birthday cake constanmtly in the fridge! LOL! Happy Day to your David :)