July 23, 2008

My newest project

This is an illustration that Caitlin did a while back. I want to embroider it on either natural linen or white linen, I haven't decided yet. Of course black DMC thread. The question is, Perle or stranded. I have to play around with some stitches also for the cage effect on her face. I think it is such a cool illustration.
She did some interesting ones that I transfered onto a t-shirt for Halloween last year, it came out real cute. This drawing has that feel to it also, and when I'm done with it, I think it will look real nice on the couch come Halloween.

Two updates: The first is, that I'm on the second half of the lemon table runner,and I think I may get it done by the end of August for sure, or sooner.
Second one is, on Oliver the puppy. He is still with us and the vets will have to put a liver shunt in him, a $4000.00 operation. I guess that is what was causing most of his health issues,along with a not so great heart. One of the vets took him in, so he is hanging in there.


  1. her illustration is wonderful as are your plans for it! the style reminds me of tim burton's nightmare before christmas. i love it.

    oliver seems to be having a very tough time, but at least they know how to fix him up. hope he gets well very soon.

  2. This is a great illustration. I can't wait to see what you come up with. I know nothing about embroidery!

  3. um, hello, that illustration is amazing!!!! what a talented family you have!

  4. I can totally see Caitlin with her own Etsy shop. I think her illustration would make a great image for a rubber stamp. Too cool!

    Also, we had green stamp stores too. We never accumulated many of them though because they weren't given at our regular grocery store.

    Four days until Mad Men and the dreamy Don Draper! LOL! He is my current television crush.

  5. I'm mad I haven't gotten to use my transfer paper for my other stuff, and you got to use my stuff first! : P

  6. Very original illustration. It reminds me of being Caitlin's age: the fad was hoops with tons of petticoats over them. Can't believe we went for that!

    Poor Oliver; Hope he's not in pain.

  7. I love, love that drawing! Such possibilites: teeshirt, coffee cups, linens, pillows. Heck, I could go on & on! Be sure she signs her work! Nerm

  8. WHat a great illustration! She is very talented, i love the idea of embroidering it. I would stick with twisted thread for the delicate details. You can vary the strands for more texture.