July 22, 2008

Caitlin cooks, week two

I hope everyone isn't getting too tired of cooking pictures. Caitlin cooked a chickpea and garlic pasta last night for dinner. Very tasty!! It is nice to be able to not have to shop and not cook on the night she does. I think I could get a little too use to this :) The recipe was once again from Cooking light,and was very flavorful,and zesty with the lemon. Because it has chickpeas(Garbanzo beans) it really tasted like if you made hummus and loosened it up a bit with broth.

Caitlin has been enjoying her cooking adventures. Along with cooking this summer,she is attempting to get her drivers license. She has her permit,and we have now been doing some downtown driving. She is doing real well. Our next adventure will be the freeway! I think we will wait a few more weeks for that.
Last week she was offered a part time job doing some illustrations for a neighbor of Nicole's in the city. She works with children who have autism,and she needs nicely drawn pictures of rules that they need to follow for certain situations. She will start her big commute to the city tomorrow.
This post ended up being all about the Caitlin!! It really is my blog :) and I do promise to have some things up that I will be making soon. Not just food!!!


  1. I'm sure Caitlin will do wonderfully behind the wheel. She seems like a mature and focused (and pretty! but not sure what that has to do with driving other than causing a distraction among other drivers!) young woman. It is do difficult to let go from what is safe (namely us behind the wheel and not them).


  2. it sounds like caitlin is having a very productive summer. love that she enjoys cooking (looks yummy) and hope you will share some of her illustrations.

    good luck to her (and you) with getting a driver's license. i haven't driven on the freeway in years ;)!

  3. That dinner looks yummy too! She's on a roll!

  4. I, for one, enjoy your "story" of each cooking session. And the recipes are so good. How wonderful that she already has an outlet for her art. And such a worthy cause!
    Luv, Nerm