July 19, 2008

Warning, lots of pictures of Cold Play concert!

Friday night we went to see Cold Play at the HP Pavilion in San Jose. I kind of like this venue because of its cleanliness and nice restaurant,but sometimes the sound quality isn't great. We saw U2 play there back in 2005,and while I love the show, the sound could have been better. That being said, last night was much better and we had a very nice time. There were not any big names that opened for them,but the openers were entertaining nonetheless.
The pictures kind of speak for themselves. the opening was great,with the cool picture in the background and the "Violet Hill" song being the opener. I think Cold Play's concerts are very creative and colorful with lots of lights and imagery that corresponds to each song, like the song "Yellow." Last concert of theirs I went to,when they played this, there was a cascade of yellow balloons dropped from above. Nice touch I thought. This time they had yellow lights flashing and big globes above that were also lit up in yellow. The other thing that Chris Martin tends to do is run out into the audience when you least expect it. He did it last time,and we were lucky that it was right in front of us. This time the whole band ran into the audience,and once again we were lucky enough that he was only a section over and I was able to get shots of him singing. Towards the end they once again dropped something from above,this time millions of tissue butterflies!!! So amazing in real life. Even the most cynical person would have a smile on their face if they were in the audience! After the tissue butterflies had all fallen, the band sang one more song with the word VIVA in the background. It was a very fun night, and I think Chris and the boys have come a long way from the last concert we went to. He seemed more confident as the front man and the band just gelled very well. All the new songs were great live by the way, as you know that doesn't always happen,and you leave a bit disappointed. If you get a chance to see them live on this tour, it is worth it.


  1. whoa - those are great photos - so close up! i love the butterflies - did you keep any?

    we've never seen coldplay in concert, but i love the new album, so we should try. i think they have an ethereal visual-style - the video for "trouble" is a beauty; it feels like a victorian bell jar.

    love your new banner - so beautiful.

  2. Oh, oh oh! My beloved Chris! It looks absolutely wonderful - thanks for posting about it. Fingers crossed we have tickets for Dec...

  3. What a great evening! You guys do the best things!

  4. oh i am so jealous. i love cold play and have for years. i remember listening to them in my car when no one had ever heard of them forver ago. i'm so glad you guys had a great time. sometimes it can be rare to find a band that can perform well live. living in nashville i can always find someone famous playing here and belive me i have heard the best and worst from some of my favorites. a lot of the venues they play are pretty small so a lot of times you can talk to them or meet them after the show which can be fun. anyway, i'm babbling now so i will go, haha. - kitty

  5. Ack! I wanted to go to this concert, but with my vacation, it just wasn't in the cards. i an in love with ColdPlay, just recently, and I am so happy you got to go see them!!

  6. ok I love concerts ! BUT I'm not jealous this time... because guess where we are... (last minute change for our holiday destination) ???
    some sunny place you like... a lot... (no of course it's not Paris !)
    Anyway glad to read you had a great time :)

  7. hi I've been to one one their concert, I've got some butterflies, it was so beautiful!!!! See them on stage they are so marvellous and gorgous lol!!!