July 28, 2008


Here is the "ciel de lit" finally up
Another view
Detail of the ciel de lit
I bought this etching at the Louvre,and it finally has a home
This is a detail of the bedding that I bought while we lived in France.
Spare room before
Spare room after. Now I have some place to work.
Caitlin's room before
Now she has a nice big bed.

Wow, that was more work than we expected! The beds had to be taken apart to switch them out,so that caused a bit of annoyance,but all ended well.
The ciel de lit has been sitting in our spare room closet for almost two years now,and I finally got sad that we never put it up. We had hopped to get this real pretty bed first, that would match the look I was going for,but we decided that it didn't look so bad with this bed,while we save up to get the other. So, there it is... I was sad to take down the other picture and flower vase hangings,but we had that look for about five years now. The print that was above the bed is special, since I bought it in Florence Italy, after I saw the real deal. It is one of my all time favorite paintings. It was with great trepidation, that I took it down to make room for a new look. The little etching in the center I bought at the Louvre. They have all these antique etchings that they print out. I also have a giant one of Paris in the living room that is pretty cool. This little etching sat tucked away for a few years now, I think it is time that it has its day in the sun. It is a bit of a grand style for such a small room,but oh well, I really like it.
The spare room is now a combination of a computer room and my sewing room. The style is the most different of the house, leaning towards the colors of the Diego Rivera print. Brighter colors and other things that I wouldn't put in the main part of the house, but a fun look for that room. It still isn't exactly the way I would want it, but it works for now.
Caitlin has been wanting the bigger bed for quite sometime now,and she is in heaven having more stretching out room. She hasn't finished tweaking everything in her space yet,so I only took a picture of the bed area.
There you have it, a peek into corners of my home.


  1. I love the guest bedroom! That bedding is perfect. Did you do the embroidery on the front pillow? So so pretty!

  2. I love what you did to your room! You've inspired me to want to do the same. I have nothing over my bed and I have something in mind to hang there. Now, I just need something as beautiful as what you have to hang the netting from. Did you get that in Europe?

  3. Elizabeth, you're an interior decorating genius :o) I love the before and after pictures. You really did wonders to all of those rooms. What a cozy place you have. It looks beautiful! I love your daughter's new bed, and the flowy thing on top. I have always wanted one of those. Awesome :o) You must be smiling every time you walk into these rooms!

  4. wow - i love the "ciel de lit" and the bedding you purchased in france. i don't really even see the bed with all of your sumptuous pillows. the guest room looks wonderful too - now we know where you work. i love the drawing on caitlin's wall - is it her work?

    we do get attached to things, but it's nice to make a change. you can always circulate your art kind of like a gallery if you feel you're missing the other painting, or find a new place to hang it.

    rest up!

  5. OH MY GOSH, Elizabeth! Everything looks so wonderful. Your bedroom has been transformed . . . it's magical. It gives such regal height to the room. Great choices.

    We had one of those mosquito net rings for a long time, I used it above my bed, then Harleigh used it. We finally had to throw it away because after years and years it was snagged beyond repair. Now Caitlin really is a princess with this bed!


  6. Good job, Elizabeth! It looks so elegant and French. I'm sure you enjoy going in the bedroom and just looking around. It's fun to change things up and give it a fresh new look, isn't it? And how great to have a place to sew. We'll be watching to see what comes out of that room!!! Nerm

  7. what a makeover !
    congratulations !
    J'aime beaucoup le ciel de lit ! (my daughter has one, too) and thanks for the boost you give me with these beautiful corners of your home to finish our guest room (hopefully in August)
    We're back home this evening, and I've just heard about the earthquake in LA -- I'm worried, a lot... San Andreas you know....

  8. I've just clicked on the pix to view them larger... OMG ! it's the pillow that you embroidered from the French magazine ! (remember ? I started the same pattern a couple of years ago... still unfinished :( !)
    The pillow is gorgeous and I love the idea of the ribbons on each side !

  9. Three rooms in one weekend! WOW!!! Everything looks wonderful! My favorite piece is the ciel de lit. I never knew what those were called before, but I have always admired them in magazines.BEAUTFUL!

  10. the ciel de lit is amazing! i love the french style you've incorporated into the rooms.

  11. Hi Elizabeth - I loved all the peeks at your house - it is sooo clean. You are welcome at my house anytime, as long as you are blindfolded! I know all about those "orphaned" pieces that you mentioned in your comment to me. In my house, they are too good to get rid of even if the "orphanage" is a little overcrowded. Sometimes I think I would like a little cottage in the woods - for all the little orphans and trinkets I have picked up along the way and now no longer go with our decorating style. Can't wait for the Anna Maria dress. Carolina