July 30, 2008

If you love linens

Right now, Williams Sonoma is having an incredible sale on their spring/summer linens. I adore anything having to do with setting a beautiful table. My trick to have nice table cloths and napkins is to constantly check the stores that I love, and when they go on sale, I'm there!! I wondered into Williams Sonoma the other day and found these two gems on sale. I loved them when they came out,and hoped that they would put them on sale. The "Boutis" is a table runner. I have a natural linen table cloth, that I love to put runners on to change the look. The other is a very pretty toile,that I see as part of a nice Easter or even summer table setting. I have quite a collection of table cloths I must say, but I love all of them and use them on a daily basis.
For some women it's clothing,for me it is table ware and everything that goes with it,like glasses and flatware. Do not get me started on all the dishes that I own!
So....If you love linens, go to your nearest Williams Sonoma for a steal of a deal, or go on line. Happy table setting :)


  1. Yesterday I picked up a couple pieces of fabric...so I can make table toppers. We have alot of wood everywhere and it's a nice way to cozy up our coffee table. It's big and square. I only need a yard and a half and I'm all set...
    Your new ones are very pretty. I love my linens too! Hope you are having a nice summer.

  2. OMG!!! We are definitely birds of a feather! I just received a catalog with the toile on sale and bought the same one! LOL! I also bought a hot pink and blue toile cloth as well. I wish the actual store was closer to where I live, then I could save on shipping. Happy Day!

  3. very pretty! i too, love tablecloths. we recently inherited a new and larger table, so i have to start from scratch and get new tableclothes! oh, i made that enchilada bake and it was delicious. i am making it again tonight.

  4. I love linens! I will check it out. Hopefully on line too!

  5. Ohhh! I hope I'm not too late! I'm going to go tomorrow after work! Oh, and I LOVE Mad Men too!