August 1, 2008

Can't wait for Sunday

Sunday couldn't come any sooner I say! Usually you would not hear me say this, since Sunday is not may favorite day of the week. BUT, my favorite new show is on that night,and I can't wait. Melissa
knows what I'm talking about. This show is so amazing in its portrayal of 1960's, with the clothing and everything that went along with that era. I didn't see the series when it originally aired last year,but stumbled on it in July. Comcast was running all 13 episodes on demand. It was fun seeing it straight through and knowing that when we were done, the new season was starting on July 27th.
If you haven't gotten to see it, check it out. I think you will become addicted like we are :) They have won a golden globe,and they are nominated for 16 Emmy awards!!
Just look at that picture, they look so cool don't they?!


  1. the show is awesome visually (the clothes and style - swoon) and the things that seemed to go on in the office back then are unbelievable! we never miss it! peggy is the one that gets me for some reason. have a great weekend!

  2. OK, I have read about this show on a few blogs. What is it and what station does it come on?????? As a child of the 60's I'm sure I would love it.


  3. hey elizabeth - thanks for the info on the new u2 album - yay! i just read that keane will be releasing a new album on 10.13 - their last album was really great!

  4. LOVE that picture! Didn't you think Peggy had given the baby up for adoption? And I thought she was from the Midwest for some reason. Anyway, I still loved it. Poor Don though, I guess he has to have his share of turmoil this go round.

    Thank you for the Anniversary wishes!

  5. WHICH show is this? I would love to watch!
    PS--Charmed that I found your blog!