August 2, 2008

Easy Calzone

Friday I made this yummy calzone. Years ago, it use to take some doing to make these,as I would make the dough from scratch,and clean a ton of spinach by hand. Fast forward to now,and I make these in a much easier way. Now that spinach is comes in huge bags or containers cleaned, it makes that part of the process so much faster. I bought some pizza dough from my local Whole Foods. You get that nice tasting real pizza dough that only they can make. Or you can get some from you local pizza joint. Back to the easiness; In a big bowl, combine the spinach, cheese,garlic,and salt. Roll out the dough pretty large,then heap a ton of the spinach mixture,because it will shrink.Fold it up like a little turn over and pinch all the seams very tightly. Then bake in a pre-heated 450 degree oven. I made a sauce to go with it,but you can eat it plain.

1 comment:

  1. i'm part italian so i know a little bit about calzones, and yours look perfectly delicious1