September 29, 2008

Roaming around the Bay

This is the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, I think it is the most beautiful museum,as far as where it is located.
The Thinker, by Rodin, greets you as you walk to the front of the museum
A Dale Chihuly piece, I believe temporary,since there is a show going on at the De Young museum
A little peek inside, love the colors of the walls in this museum
Is this not the most gorgeous view from a museum you will ever see?
A visit to the newest American Cathedral, called Christ the Light, in Oakland California
Another view of the front
Image of Jesus, taken from a painting in Chartres France. Metal pierced,so the light reveals the image
Detail of image

A view to the top
One of the prayer rooms off to the side
Off to Dona Tomas for some dinner
Margarita anyone? I love the oil cloth on the tables at this restuarant
Caitlin is waiting for her yummy feast
Dave's chile rellenos

Saturday we went to the Legion of Honor, for Caitlin to do a write up for her art history class. You don't have to twist my arm ever to go to this museum, since it is my favorite,and on a sunny day like Saturday, you can't beat the view. We had a little coffee and tea after Caitlin finished, then we headed back across the Bay to Oakland,where we wanted to check out the new Catholic Cathedral, called Christ the Light. Some people didn't like the architecture of it,but I think if they read about what went into it and why it was designed the way it was,they would change their minds. We went in at about 5:00pm or so,and they were about to close for the evening, but they let us roam and take a few pictures. The feel of it on the inside was very serene. I personally like it a lot, and the fact that it also houses a free medical clinic on its grounds is wonderful. Back to the architecture though. The building was based on a 21st century vision of the Ark of the Covenant,and the curvature of the walls are overlapping of two circles to form the shape of a fish. The materials used: water, wood,and stone that defined the architecture of Moses,Soloman and eventually Jesus. Shielding it in glass on the outside is the modern twist. We plan on going back to take a proper tour of it,and find out more on the symbols etc.
After the peeking of the cathedral, we headed over to our favorite Mexican joint for some dinner. Dona Tomas never disappoints, and I blogged about them before on Caitlin's birthday, so I won't go on and on about it again. A wonderful ending to a roaming around the Bay kinda day!

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  1. your photos are incredible! thank you so much for giving us east coasters a view of the bay area!