October 2, 2008

October with a dash of Halloween decor

This is how it looked outside this morning. The first official cozy day of the year!
The little maple tree in our front yard is starting to turn colors
A little peek in my living room

To say that I love October is an understatement! I'm a bit biased as October is my birth month,buy hey, who doesn't love October and what it gives us.
This morning it was a bit foggy with drizzle outside,and I rejoiced. I love all the colors outside right now, and the misty hills in my back yard are my favorite to look at during the fall season. Many little animals out, looking for acorns and stealing some of my pomegranates,but that's OK,because they are so darn cute to look at while they are feasting on their treats.Tomorrow it is suppose to rain, and that will so nice,since our poor state really needs the water.
I decided to include some of my decorations for Halloween as well,just to get everyone in the mood.
I'm off now to complete my embroidery project. So, enjoy a little taste of fall.


  1. Ooh, I love the little kitty cat the best! I love Halloween too!

  2. you home looks so lovely. happy, happy birthday! tomorrow, right?

  3. i need to go into the attic and get my box of fall decorations out, or rather, my husband does!

  4. Lovely photographs and decorations. Autumn's my favourite time of year, too. Have a very happy birthday and hope there's cake!

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