October 3, 2008

Today is Birthday Eve!

My first birthday,1963

Today is my birthday eve, Tomorrow will be a fun filled day with my family,and my annual birthday dinner at Chez Panisse
It is an amazing place,and has never failed to deliver a wonderful evening. I'll snap a few pictures tomorrow night to share with you all. Since it is closed on Sundays, next year I will have to find elsewhere to go, it just won't be the same:( So many wonderful chefs that have worked under Alice Waters have opened their own restaurants, so perhaps I will choose one of theirs.
I love the picture above, since it shows how talented my mom was with the little money they had when I was born. She made the cake and my dress! I wish she had kept that dress,but sadly it only exists through photos.
I hope everyone has a very fine weekend.


  1. wishing you the happiest of birthdays! you couldn't be cuter in that photo!

  2. happy birthday!!!!!! i've heard so much of chez panisse, sounds lovely.

    there are many things from my childhood that i wish my mom or i had kept. but at least we've got pictures.

  3. Happy Birthday Elizabeth!! I hope you have a happy happy birthday and that your smiles tomorrow match the one in this beautiful baby photograph of you. What love! Take care & enjoy the weekend.

  4. Have a wonderful birthday and savour every bite!

  5. Enjoy your special day, Elizabeth.

  6. I just happened to find your blog..just lovely and a belated happy birthday

  7. Happy, happy Birthday! I love the cute pic of your first birthday! Also love your decorations you put up for Fall.
    Victoria Lynn

  8. Oh what an ADORABLE picture!!! I LOVE your beautiful dress. The sash is the BEST!

  9. JOYEUX (belated) ANNIVERSAIRE Elizabeth !!
    oh I'm so sorry I missed that ! I'll have to catch up ...mhhhh...