September 2, 2008

Save the trees!

This is a stand across the street from the tree they are up in.
If you click on this you can see the contraption that they are sitting in
More banners high up in the trees
I just added this little fellow because he was so darn cute out in my back yard.It was so darn hot that day, that prior to me taking this photo of him he was completely flat lying on the cement patio!

We go to Berkeley almost every weekend, mainly for delicious eateries. I kept forgetting to bring my camera on some of these outings,and wanted to snap the Berkeley tree sitters. These guys are trying to protest the cutting down of a grove of trees for a sports training center, that the University of California Berkeley wants to build in its place. I applaud them, but sadly, I don't think they are going to win in the end. They take turns sitting up in the tree that you see pictured with the homemade tower, and fellow tree sitters help them by pulling up food etc. I really can't believe they have been at it for close to a year now. Who said that activism is gone!! There have been many stories about them and their cause,but long and short of it, they want those trees to stay put, and so do I.
Go hippies of Berkeley!!!!


  1. I totally agree with you and the tree sitters-save the trees. I love trees and am thankful that I live in a very green part of the country. Everytime a group of trees gets axed for development, I am sad. I'm thankful to the radicals to call attention to this since I'm afraid I'm past the point of climbing trees! ha, Nerm

  2. I saw the first picture and my first thought was... that's UC Berkeley :o)! I hope your week is off to a good start! Hippies are cool.

  3. Gosh, you'd certainly need a head for heights to join in that protest. I can't manage to get to the top of a step ladder! By the way, I'm off to one of your favourite places tomorrow - Paris.

  4. wow, that looks scary. i admire their dedication.

  5. hey elizabeth - my birthday is october 11th and our wedding anniversary is october 20th. poor scott!

  6. sign me in !
    I hate it when it's about knocking down beautiful trees !
    it breaks my heart.
    trees = leaves = oxygen = fresh air.