September 22, 2008

Sunday in the city,and getting locked out of the house...

We went into the city on Sunday to have brunch with Nicole and Pierre,and afterwords we went to a vintage fair. Nicole and Caitlin tried on hats...
Nicole sifted through endless bobbles....
Caitlin tried on some vintage glasses. The fair was a lot of fun,with many wonderful vendors. I ended up buying some 1920's embroidery patterns, that I will show you at a later date.When we shopped ourselves out, we headed home, only to confront a ton of traffic on the Bay bridge.
So.....we drove to the ferry building...
Oh, sure the bridge looks so serene from here,but oh the traffic!!!
Love this shot of Caitlin with her new hat.
This is a very cool bakery that I love,called Miette
As you can see things are closed up for the night.
Taylor's was open, so we had dinner here. This is the San Francisco version of the one I blogged about from Napa.
And these adorable shoes, came today after a very horrible start to a Monday.

Weekend was calm and fun.Saturday we did see a movie, "Burn after Reading." We didn't care for it too much, mainly the violence in it. Then as you can see Sunday was fun.
Monday is a whole different story! I took Caitlin to school, went to the YMCA for my water fitness class,and feeling very refreshed for the day, with many things planned for the morning, I headed home. I open the garage door and realize that I had not picked up my house keys. I was driving our other car today, and left the house keys in my purse in the kitchen. I also decided not to take my cell phone with me either!!All I had was my wallet. After trying to break into my house like a thief,I went to borrow a phone to call David at work, to get Caitlin's cell,since I was hopping that she brought her set with her. After calling her five times, she finally picks up. YES...She has the key!!! I drive all the way back to the school. Mind you I look like a freak with my hair all wet and ugly from the pool,and stupid miss matched sweats! I race into the parking lot like a mad woman, and there isn't a single spot near where I need to be! I ended up parking in a handicapped spot,and prayed I wouldn't get a ticket. I also hopped that nobody was looking at me while I hustled over to meet Caitlin.
Finally I get home and by the time I get showered it is 1:00 pm!! This was a true Monday for sure. I did however get those adorable shoes when I returned home for the day. Phew....I hope tomorrow is a better day!


  1. mom, if you still have the video send it to me!

  2. the weekend looks great and i have some serious chuck taylor envy. your monday sounded a bit rough, but fortunately, it didn't get worse.

    we saw the movie too and thought it was the usual coen brothers craziness.

  3. it looks like a very fun weekend! a vintage fair! and i have to have those shoes!

  4. love, love, love the photos!
    hide a key in the garden...

  5. vintage fair, how fun!! i wish i could have gone. ;)

  6. o weird, i just commented with another email address! any, looks like you had lots of fun this weekend. (err, except for the being locked out part!)

  7. You are so good at making the most of your weekends. I usually get to Sunday night and think "Well, what did I do?". As for Monday, at least you now know it isn't easy to break into your house! Love those shoes.

  8. Oh, my gosh...your girls in their hats look SO PERFECT! Totally flawless!