September 19, 2008

Yay, It's Friday

Hooray it's Friday, hooray I finished the table runner. Boo, I'm not happy with it. You would think I would know by now not to pull on the tension of the fabric that I'm embroidering,but I guess not. I really had hopped that I wasn't pulling that tight,and that some of the puckers would iron out. Well, I guess not!! I ironed and ironed and the darn thing isn't looking great. It made me so mad, that it kind of ruined my day actually. I now need to fold it up, learn from my mistake and then maybe use it next summer. I keep going back to how much time it took though, and the two calluses that I have on my finger tips,and then I get mad all over again!
Ok, breath and move on.........
On to my next project with the illustration that Caitlin made. Something a bit more simple and not as much filling in.
Hope everyone had fantastic plans for the weekend. I think we may go to a movie and I know we will be going to the City on Sunday.


  1. it looks really pretty to me. but, if you're unhappy with the puckers, you could wet it and block it with pins so it drys flatter. i think they do that kind of thing with lace. or, you could turn it into a pillow and pull it tight. it's a shame to put all that beautiful work in the 'corner'. enjoy your weekend.

  2. Your embroidery looks lovely but I know that feeling so well - spending so much time (and often money) making something and then being disappointed with the end result. At least you haven't consigned it to the bin, which is where my efforts usually end up, and I'm sure you'll come round to using it. Have a great Sunday.

  3. Well, puckers or not, I'd be so proud of myself if I could achieve that. Not something I'd ever be able to do in a million years...

  4. Elizabeth, when all else fails turn it into a tote! I think it's lovely, and the puckering only adds to the idea that real hands worked on it vs. mass production.


  5. I hope your week has been going really well :o) It looks like you had a wonderful time with your daughters. Those shoes are the cutest!!!

  6. Holy smokes!! That turned out GORGEOUS!