October 7, 2008

Castle in the Air

Castle in the Air, Berkeley California

As promised, I would tell you what my husband gave me for my birthday. It was a gift certificate to this magical store.This place is one of a kind and amazing! To list everything they sell would be impossible,but they are working on their web site so that you can now order goodies from them. They have classes on calligraphy and other specialized crafts. Crafts is kind of not a good word for what you make when you take a class from them. Go to their web site to see all that they offer. My only big decision is weather to take one of the classes,they are quite pricey,and blow the entire gift certificate, or buy a bunch of goodies for future usage. I think I'm leaning towards taking a class that is called "Father Christmas." You end up with an heirloom quality piece for the holidays. Oh decisions, decisions!!
I think if you click on the pictures, you can get an idea of some of the wonderful things they have in there. My favorite item that they have in there are the fairy houses. They are large and quite detailed,with little people and tiny furniture made of natural materials, like acorns,bark,twigs...... Too cute for words. The other thing they have, that I have not seen this large of a selection before, are the Dresden paper trims. I could go on and on about this place, so I'll stop here! Thanks sweetheart, for another very nice and well thought out gift :)

If you live in the area,and have not gone to this gem of a store, the address is:
1805 Fourth Street


  1. I am officially packing my bags and moving into that store. It's a dream! You are a very lucky girl. I can't wait to see what you make or buy!

    I received a Pierre Deux catalog in the mail yesterday and immediately thought of you. They have some things I am completely drooling over. Table linens...but of course! LOL!

    I LOVED Betty's pink and white sundress too! Was it chintz? FABULOUS! I am with you on the creepy part too. And the whole push/pull in the Don/Betty storyline is making me a little tired.

  2. I clicked on the pictures and poured over each and every one! Yes, the fairy houses are treasures. I love the one with the mushrooms outside the front door.

    Do share what you buy or make!


    P.S. Thank you for the compliments on my bedroom curtains. A sheer joy to make!

  3. Wow, that store looks amazing! Have fun with your gift certificate, and please do share your treasures with us when you decide how to spend the gc. :):)

  4. A belated "Happy Birthday!" We will all be waiting to see what you bought and what you do with it.

  5. A little hello from the Castle - I just found this flattering post about the shop and wanted to say thanks!
    I too would love to see what you make with treasures from the store.
    Happy Holidays!
    Best wishes for a wonderful year,