October 12, 2008

Lets bake muffins!!

Caitlin and I decided to make muffins on Friday,and I chose this recipe from "Fine Cooking." It sounded so good,and with great ingredients how could you go wrong?
Caitlin chose this very simple muffin recipe from a cook book called "500 muffin recipes." no nonsense and easy.
Caitlin's dry ingredients.
My blueberry muffins, ready to go in. The recipe said to over fill,and boy did I over fill.....
Then this is what happened! Splurch!! Everywhere, including the bottom of the oven. Major clean up,and smoke. I decided to put foil on the bottom and cook them off anyway.
Have you ever seen a more silly looking muffin that this?! I don't think so.
Then you have these cute little chocolate muffins that Caitlin made. Aren't they yummy looking?
One elaborate recipe,and one very simple recipe, you be the judge.

We had a lot of fun baking these,but boy was it funny when my recipe went crazy and turned out these funky little devils. They don't taste bad,but they sure are funny looking. I know what could have gone wrong,so I do want to try this recipe again. Next Friday we will try our hand at making some biscotti.


  1. oh boy, i'll take a chocolate muffin. thanks for the nice birthday wishes!

  2. I'd eat one of each :o) even the square ones look good. Maybe I'll make some muffins tonight... but I'll remember not to overfill. Can't wait for next weeks biscotti. Mmmmm.

  3. I came over to your blog via Amy's. I'm about to embark on pumpkin apple muffins. Baking is so satisfying!

  4. Yeah, but what did they TASTE like? Shame blogs don't have Tasteovision...

  5. They both tasted pretty good. I think the chocolate ones could have been moister,but the ugly ones did have a great taste with the butter and sour cream in them:)

  6. i could certainly go for some muffins right about now. :)

  7. Okay Elizabeth, I either leave your blog hungry or wanting to travel. LOL! They both look yummy. Happy Weekend!

  8. It's amazing how you can follow a recipe to the letter and then for some reason it doesn't turn out like the photograph. I'm sure they were absolutely delicious though and hey, you could have said you meant to make square muffins! I love biscotti, have never made them so I'm really interested to find out how you got on.