October 18, 2008

My favorite tartine

First you start with this bread from France.This is a country sourdough bread, made by Poulin bakery in Paris. We are so fortunate that they ship it to San Francisco on a daily basis,and a grocery store called Bristol Farms carries it
Then you buy some very tasty smoked salmon and some lemons
And Voila, a most tasty tartine!

This was truly my favorite lunch when we lived in France,and it just isn't the same unless you use that bread. I haven't eaten anything that comes close to it here in the States. When I stumbled on to it in a high end grocery store in San Francisco, my heart melted, and I just turned a blind eye to how much they were charging for it. Worth every penny, and the minute I sunk my teeth into that delectable tartine, I was sent back to France.
In the top picture of the bread, you can see a small design on top, it is a partial letter "P" for Poulin. In Paris you can buy the whole round with the beautiful swirly P on top. There is a shop of course, that I never made it to, because of the long line in front. The small supermarket around the corner from where we lived,sold it,so it made it easy not to go and fight the crowds. When we go this coming summer to France, I may just smuggle in a large round in my suitcase!


  1. no ? they really ship on a daily basis ?!!!
    In our family we eat a similar tartine but with a bit of Boursin cheese spread between bread & salmon/trout... mmmmmh !

  2. Since there are two daily flights in and out of SFO international air port, they can get the bread in daily. Every time I go to that store it is fresh and they have a whole section just for them.

  3. Ooh, lovely French bread. Even ordinary baguettes taste wonderful. I could just each one filled with some creamy brie!

  4. I can't believe you get Poulin bread in San Fran. Soooo lucky.

    Manley and I spent our honeymoon in SF almost three years ago, and we loved the city so dearly. I keep putting a bug in his ear about going back....