November 29, 2008

Cooking, eating,and drinking ahhh Thanksgiving!

First off, I hope every one had a wonderful Thanksgiving with their family and friends. The next few photos capture all the cooking we did and our Thanksgiving celebration.
I always make my pumpkin pies the evening before, I'm not sure why,but I kinda find it relaxing to make pies in the evening. I used my new Williams Sonoma cutters to make these lovely oak leaves for the crust. I use to free hand them in the past,but this is so much better,and it was loads of fun to do!
Ready for the oven
Caitlin decided to make a chocolate pumpkin pie out of the November issue of Martha Stewart she is building her pie.
I think I could just eat this alone. After she got her pie in the oven,we stayed up until it cooled,and headed off to bed.

Time to make the stuffing
Mix and stir...
Caitlin melting more chocolate to finish her pie
Caitlin's pie
David makes the cranberry sauce every year, doesn't this look tart and tasty?!
A new green bean dish I tried, shallots and slivered almonds.
Turkey is all done!!
Ready to eat....Pierre is hiding off to the side....
enjoying the feast
Mom gets to sit down and finally eat.
You can't just have one slice of pie can you? I don't think so!!!


  1. Very inspiring...I have been cheating with the pre-stuffed frozen butterball for a few years now. That pumpkin pie is perfect!

  2. Your Thanksgiving looked great. I loved the leaf trim on the pie. That Caitlin sure does some great dishes. Looks like a happy group.

  3. Yummy! I love how you did your table. What a beautiful table cloth. Would you call that a boutis? And your flatware...beautiful! I just love table top stuff! I want a little oak leaf cutter; what a gorgeous presentation. And is that a tapestry on your dining room wall?

  4. OK, I'm going to William's-Sanoma to get a pie-dough cutter like yours. Your pies are beautiful! The edges of my pies always look like something chewed on them.

  5. everything looks really, really delicious! your pumpkin pie is a work of art. martha would be proud! love your photos.

  6. Oh my gosh, your pies!!!! They are both SOOOO PERFECT!!!!

  7. Oh goodness those pies look GOOD...that pie dough cutter is fab...

  8. oh and is there a link to the Martha choco pie?